When the watch fits to your bow tie – Charles Bow Tie

When the watch fits to your bow tie – Charles Bow Tie

I always ask my self, how to combine watch and bowtie for my classic look. For some occasional event, I suppose to wear bow tie and watch. It was not really easy to find a perfect pattern and color of bowtie which fits to my watch. I need a bowtie and watch which fits to my personality. I’m bold, colorful, and open to try new things. Bow tie is one essential men’s accessories that we, as man, have to have it in our wardrobe. now i found a brand from United Kingdom (UK),Charles Bowtie Watch.

Charles Bowtie Watch is a fresh brand with full of loves from british culture and menswear art. Charles Bowtie Watch itself influenced by pop culture and contemporary art which a trend in the UK. and the collection of Charles Bowtie is so playful by their patterns and optimistic outlook with pieces in vibrant color.

when to wear a bowtie:
Bow tie can be so classy and other hand so casual. bow tie gives you a dynamic aura but in same way super stylish. yes you are right, depends on your completely look. Wether you just wear smoking suits or just a casual blazer with chino. but you will look much younger with bow tie.

are you a bow tie and tie guy:
to be honest, i wear bow tie in last 6 years more bowtie than tie. a bow tie has spirit that you can not get by wearing a tie. even I can not go to an interview (job interview) with bowtie, but I can wear it in my casual time.

for more information about my Charles Bowtie and Watch please, click here;
Charles Bowtie Watch . i wear the Dover collection (blue and white) and the Cambridge one (blue and green one) if you love Chales Bow Tie Watch, you also can use this code to get 15% discount. SMILEWANDY

so Happy Shopping…..

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