Floris van Bommel – Antwerpen Flagship Store

Floris van Bommel – Antwerpen Flagship Store

Schoenfabriek Van Bommel is a family business. The current 9th generation has the responsibility of managing the business in such a way, that it can be handed over to the 10th generation in better condition than that in which it was received from the 8th generation. The members of the family have decided to take a full generation to achieve this situation. The 10th generation will then bear the same responsibility in respect of the 11th.

Schoenfabriek Van Bommel enjoys a similar relationship with its environment. Every commercial decision has consequences for the environment and the world around it, a world of which we are caretakers for future generations. Schoenfabriek Van Bommel views sustainability and corporate social responsibility as self-evident, not in order to achieve short-term success but on behalf of the generations to whom we will leave behind our roads, our houses, our forests and our businesses.

At the heart of Antwerp’s pleasant city centre, where De Meir crosses the Huidevetterstraat, Van Bommel opened their first store in Belgium, in 20089. The range in the store includes the entire ‚Van Bommel‘ gentlemen’s collection and the complete ‚Floris van Bommel‘ gentlemen’s and ladies‘ collections. For questions about the availability of a particular model, please contact the store direct by telephone on +32 (0)32 31 8824.

Huidevettersstraat 6
2000 Antwerpen
+32 (0)32 31 8824

Opening hours
Monday 10.00h – 18.30h
Tuesday 10.00h – 18.30h
Wednesday 10.00h – 18.30h
Thursday 10.00h – 18.30h
Friday 10.00h – 18.30h
Saturday 10.00h – 18.30h

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