the Story of Q1 Manufaktur Shirt

the Story of Q1 Manufaktur Shirt

Q1 Manufaktur Shirt; Fashionably sophisticated shirts from European production. An insider tip, which wants to be discovered: shirts from the Q1 Manufactory know to convince, with its perfect, close-fitting fit and sophisticated design.

The claim: to make the shirt with the perfect, close-fitting cut. This slim-fit shirt was more than a fashionable idea. It was a challenge to passport and production, which was to master. At the end of the day, a shirt should be put together that makes the perfect bridge break: figurnah, extremely cut to the body, so designed for men with figure and style.

And where should this experiment be more successful than in a manufactory in Germany, where a third generation had already made a name for quality products?

How the shirt came to his name, Q1 Manufaktur.

A lot of things, it was born: the shirt, which convinces modern, slim men at the first try. But this shirt bore no name for a long time. At the time,  Q1 Manufaktur had been merely a working title of the project.

A name with history –  Q1 Manufaktur

Q1 Manufaktur: Whoever grew up in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) knows the importance of this designation. The quality label „Q“ categorized the goods of the country in the German Democratic Republic. According to strict guidelines, the highest quality seal „Q1“ was awarded to the products by the Office for Metrology, Standardization and Hardware Technology in Berlin. The often coveted but rarely reached status  Q1 Manufaktur allowed the international export. Top products such as optics from Carl Zeiss or glass from Jena were therefore very proud of the award.

The  Q1 Manufaktur shirts manufactory adopts the virtues of the craftsmanship as an example and supplements it with a sense of style and a sense of trends. The result: a service-oriented shirt and blouse label that honors the textile tradition.

Q1 Manufaktur Collection: Ironic game with the past

Not only the quality but also the models of the collections play with the legacy of the GDR. They bear the names WALTER (Ulbricht) or ERICH (Honecker). Also the reunion was immortalized in the Q1 collection: 1990 – the year of the association – is the article number of the basic-Uni quality of Q1. Because in 1990 the spook was happily over.

In the case of  Q1 Manufaktur, only fabrics from Italian and European production and noble „ingredients“ are used: Genuine mother-of-pearl buttons at Premium, detachable collar bars with rounded corners, double-clad collar straps for the classic shirts and clean workmanship. The sewing is done exclusively in Europe.

In the design office in Germany, Q1 shirts are lovingly designed. Numerous stylish and very tasteful details can be found on the shirts, which underline the high quality and the specificity of the product. A special value is also placed on the pleasant feel of the fabrics, which give a good feeling on the skin.

The Q1 Manufaktur collection segments

The fashionable collection is divided into three segments:

The premium line of Q1 impresses with details, which distinguish the label as a protagonist in the luxury segment: Genuine mother-of-pearl buttons, detachable collar bars and noble full twine are the characteristics. Special shirts for the classic outfit.

The City shirt for the Young Professional. Fine fabrics combined with loving details and trims.

The Q1 Casuals are the sporty alternative of the figurated shirt styles. All the shirts of this line characterize their skinny washes and the pleasant soft touch of the fabrics, which can also be felt on the collar and cuffs. Great detail in the furnishing with stylish trimmings, ribbons, quilts, seam variations and small embroidery.

No logo on the chest

Q1 Manufaktur is deeply reluctant. So it is not surprising that the Q1 shirts do not have a superficially visible logo. The well-being of the carriers is at the center of the efforts, not the satisfaction of the Markenegos. And yet, there is a small feature that the loyal Q1 customers recognize each other. The small gold-woven side panel at the hem and the gold-colored button at the left sleeve. An award for its vehicles, which are successful but modest, just like the founder of the brand. When our customers look good in our products and feel good, our recognition is enough. “

And because they do, they are happy to recommend  Q1 Manufaktur – like on the company’s Facebook page. „You are the best,“ „Do not wear any other shirt,“ „High quality and price really worth it“, „Q1 surpasses all the shirts my husband has had so far“.

Q1 for loving people

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