Snake Printed Shoes – Floris van Bommel

Snake Printed Shoes – Floris van Bommel

what Floris thinks about these shoes;

“Such fantastic leather sometimes makes me think that I probably need to degrade pizza to only my second favourite product coming from Italy. This leather stems from good craftsmanship and has an artistic value which probably surpasses that of many famous works of art. The leather’s colour structure is entirely created by manual work in a Tuscan tannery. No digital prints, no foil layers, with which you could ‘zap-boom’ easily create some nice colour; this is authentic craftsmanship. In short: after the calf’s leather has been tanned and stamped, the still colourless leather is, skin by skin, placed on a large table where it is finished with several coatings of covering paint. After everything has dried, the skins are washed with a cloth drenched in pure alcohol. The top layer is carefully cleaned, revealing the underlying colours. The manual cleaning creates a two-tone colour effect and the brighter colour runs across the centre of the shoe. We use this kind of leather for an elegant dress shoe. Epic!”

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