long weekend trip in Amsterdam – Hotel V Amsterdam

long weekend trip in Amsterdam – Hotel V Amsterdam

Amsterdam, its only an hour from Hamburg by plane. It’s the city where I love to be. There are so many reasons why: first, if I ever get lost, I can always find Indonesians easily here, and they will help me. Second, I will easily find Indonesian restaurants anywhere. Third, I love the charming architecture of Amsterdam; fourth, the canals are awesome and fifth, there are countless great cafes in Amsterdam.

This time I was offered a great a loft by the V lofts at Hotel V Frederiksplen, directly in the city centre. Hotel V Frederiksplein is a 3*** eco-friendly, modern urban design hotel with a Golden Green Key certificate for sustainability. the V lofts at Hotel V Frederiksplein offers stylish guest rooms and unique loft apartments with self-catering, ideal for those who want this flexibility. I had the pleasure to relax in their elegant lounge, with its one-off round fireplace and its classic couch, listening to funky or lounge music or surfing the Internet free of charge. There is also extensive reading material as well as two computers free to use.

Having been a short trip, I took a small travel kit, easy to carry and to pack: Proraso travel kit. This travel kit has everything you need: shaving creme, brush and balsame.

These shoes from Dr.Martens are also so comfy. I travelled the whole day through Amsterdam and these shoes were amazing – completely forgot I was wearing them.

I am a bog fan of backpacks and this one from Jost Bag made the trip with me. I love it for being simple, cleanly designed and black.


I chose this Sweater from Marina Hoermanseder

Last but not least: the Razor from Mühle Rasur Kultur – the classy high end Razor from Germany .


here are some images that i took during my stay at Hotel V Loft Amsterdam;


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