Tote Bag – Denim City Amsterdam

Tote Bag – Denim City Amsterdam

an other reason why i love Amsterdam, is about their concern on sustainability fashion. for sample this luxury high end concept store, X-Bank. X BANK presents collections, events, and programs from fashion, design, and artistic talent. By providing a local and international platform for artists, designers, and creators, we present the new Dutch D.N.A — one that is local and global. A clear reflection of the creative industry today. Their main objective is to supply the public with access to unique products and programming year round.

today i proudly present you my tote jeans bag from Denim City Amsterdam. Denim City is a center for craftsmanship and annovation in the denim industry. It was founded to connect and inspire denim lovers and stakeholders, on their journey towards a cleaner, dryer and smarter Industry: ’towards a brighter blue’.

Amsterdam houses a large number of internationally renowned denim brands. Famed for their innovative design, enterprising spirit and creative branding, the Amsterdam-based denim community is recognised as one of the leading ‘scenes’ in the global industry. Realised in a unique international co-creation between brands, educators, government and industry, Denim City is a big first step to realise further collaborative innovations and a more sustainable future.

Like its logo, Denim City consists of five elements: a denim craftsman’s workshop; an institute for developing and sharing knowledge, with its own archive; the blue lab, a sustainable laundry innovation center; the embassy, space for networking and enterprise; and an education facility for Jean school and it’s international course.

if you have interest to know more about Denim City. please click here
Denim City

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