Lilienthal Watches – Anniversary Edition

Lilienthal Watches – Anniversary Edition

A year ago, five young creative German from Berlin launched great, classy, fully story behind the brand, Lilienthal Berlin Watch. to celebrate their first anniversary, they introduced special edition with 3 color leathers that you can mix match for any looks, „Götterfunken“. The new edition comes in a set with three new bracelets in the trend colors „Flame“, „Greenery“ and „Wombat“ and is limited to 999 pieces. The silver-plated dial in combination with the golden sparkling second circle celebrates particularly joyful and glamorous moments. From March 2017 the limited watch in the set from 349 Euro is available online via Lilienthal Berlin online store, will be delivered from mid-April. Five euros of every sold watch go to social projects for children in Berlin in cooperation with Better Place Organization.

The First Anniversary Edition L1 „Götterfunken“, limited to only 999 copies, is a real reason to be happy. She is celebrating not only our first birthday, but also the happiness to have all possibilities. It celebrates clubs, symphonies, high culture and warm beer in the park. So the „god’s spark“ is our ode to freedom – for without this there is no joy. The silver electro-galvanized dial with golden sparkling seconds eye, three bracelets in fresh spring colors and many other subtleties ensure glamorous moments of happiness. And make each set completely unique.

The dial has been galvanized silver. This has given it an elegant, metallic luster and is reflected in a new light in different light conditions.

Limited to only 999 copies, designed in Berlin, made in Germany. In collaboration with responsible partners as well as the highest standards of sustainability and environmental protection.

A noble look: The seconds eye was brought to a high gloss. Even with only a little light, it glows and sparkles golden that it is a bright joy.

For maximum variety: The L1 „Götterfunken“ comes in the set with three straps: in fresh „Greenery“, euphoric „Flame“ and „Wombat“. Each bracelet is embossed with the motif „freedom of beautiful gods“.

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