all in black – sneakers – Munda:rt Footwear

all in black – sneakers – Munda:rt Footwear

about Munda:rt Footwear;
The german sneaker label „munda:rt“ was newly founded in 2013 and has its roots in south Germany close to Stuttgart.
their young team of experienced shoe-designers and sneaker-freakers fulfilled the long-awaited dream of an own brand with munda:rt. they present 2 main collections for men and women yearly that enjoy continuous popularity.

The demands on both the quality and the fashion-affinity is the most important thing of their branding Image. their german design team closely cooperates with their production office in Asia, which guarantees a gap-free design and quality control.

munda:rt offers 30 stylish and sporty sneaker styles for men and women each collection. Our core prices are between 79,- and 99,- €.

Munda:rt Philosophy:
Munda:rt is the reflection of a new spirit behind free, open minded society.

their collections fuse elements of different cultures all over the world with a modern urban touch and subtle glamour, to create the Munda:rt interpretation of a futuristic, common world.

they are not interested in short-lived fashion and they bank in individuality instead of mainstream. Authenticity and uncompromised designs give every style it´s own character.

This philosophy makes munda:rt perfectly suitable for daily use and at the same time so unique. Whoever wears munda:rt presents a special statement:
you decide what you are and what you want to express.

Sex appeal will be redefined; they dance through the night at festivals all over the world, only wearing sneakers. The real luxury is freedom.

„… come as you are and let´s escape to wonderland, we are vandals fighting for a world of love“

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