Aeronautica Militare Showroom – Milano – Winter Collection 2017-2018

Aeronautica Militare Showroom – Milano – Winter Collection 2017-2018

I had the pleasure to be invited at the Aeronautica Militare Showroom in Milan last weekend, during Milano Fashion Week. By default, I never miss an opportunity to visit Italy and yet I was that much happier for the chance to also see first-hand the Aeronautica Militare collection for winter 2017-2018.

This Italian clothing brand traces its roots back to 1942, when a very young Christiano di Thiene started tailoring men clothes. The company grew and in 1979 his 2 sons joined him. As luck would have it, the company was situated in Thiene, close to an airport of the Italian Air Force “Aeronautica Militare”. And so it came that the company has been producing leather jackets for the Italian Air Force pilots since 30 years. This cooperation went even further in 2004 when the company acquired the right to market the “Aeronautica Militare” patches and logos.

I was already familiar with their catalogue so I easily recognized the items on display in the showroom; and let’s just say, I wasn’t disappointed: jackets, trousers, pullovers, caps, accessories – all in a relaxed, casual style with a touch of Top Gun – Italian Vintage!

Obviously I didn’t pass on the chance to get some cool shots in several outfits. As for the accessories, I think I saw the most beautiful iPad cover there. All the materials are top quality, feel good to touch and make you want to wear them.

The atmosphere of the evening was super relaxed. I was tired after a full day of travelling but hardly felt the time pass by. There were lots of cool people attending, other bloggers as well, including a very talented painter from the States but currently living in Münich. All in all I made some new contacts and hopefully seeded some new cooperations for the near future.

Many thanks to Aeronautica Militare for the invitation! It was a wonderful, warm, sunny weekend in the fashion heart of Bella Italia

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