MÜHLE Rasurkultur X Mark Braun

MÜHLE Rasurkultur X Mark Braun

MÜHLE Rasurkultur launches collaboration edition with MARK BRAUN. MÜHLE Rasurkultur produces in its own manufactory a full range for the Wet razor, from brushes to razors to care products. Now the German traditional brand is publishing a design edition of the Berliner Product designer Mark Braun.

The company MÜHLE Rasurkultur is known for its exquisite accessories for the Wet razor The product variety offers a completely successful unit of craftsmanship Workmanship, quality and longevity, the man familiar with the morning ritual. With Its own manufactory is the brand for tradition and finished design. The idea was therefore not far off, with one of the most sought after product designers Together: Mark Braun. Braun was inspired by this for this special edition Hexagon shape as they are found in high-quality vintage shaving planes and also at Tools, e.g. Countersunk or chisels. Not least, the shaving set is also one
Tool of a special kind and thus translates brown tradition and shaving culture into Contemporary design.

The series consists of a shaving planer, brush and holder. The hexagonal handles are Made of anodised aluminum and comfortable to hold. Here, minimalism is combined With modern design. Holders and planing heads are deliberately designed as chrome elements and form a stressful material change as it is typical for MÜHLE the striking, masculine look. Planers and brushes are of the color tone of the
Erzgebirgs, in three high-quality anodised surfaces: green, bronze and graphite. The product is also given a certain „edge“ by the geodata engraving of the company location in analogy to the marking of tools – branding times completely different.

Mark Braun was exactly the right partner for the cooperation, as well as the products of mill stand for quality, modernity and minimalism. With his team, He designs watches, lamps or furniture for international companies such as E15, Lobmeyr, Petite Fiture, Nomos Glashütte, Thonet and many more. His work has already been done with
Various awards, among others. The Good Design Award, Red Dot and the GermanDesignAward. Renowned, international galleries and trade fairs provide its working out. Since 2015, Mark Braun has been a professor for industrial design at the HBK Saar in Saarbrücken, Germany.

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