Milan Fashion Week with my Hudson Shoes

Milan Fashion Week with my Hudson Shoes

They say Fashion turns in cycles and everything that was once en-vogue will make a comeback again. This description fits perfectly to my latest shoes from Hudsonshoes: they look old styled but feel new and cheeky, quite downright and properly insolent. Fashion should bring out the child in us and allow the adult to spoil him – so off I went to Milan Fashion Week wearing these shoes. They are comfortable but I get the sense they were made to shine indoors: events and parties. Hudsonshoes managed to tap into a style from 2 centuries ago and make it “modern” again. These shoes are not for everyone: they are richly coloured, pretentious, sophisticated – but if you are in this niche then look no further!

They are not your everyday go-to-office shoes (really not!) but that’s not what they were meant to be: put them on at a party or event and you will instantly feel royal. However, like any Royalty, you may need to shop around for the rest of your outfit, since they will not match anything you might have in your wardrobe (and you were looking for a good excuse to go out shopping anyway!). It may pay to check out Lordsfools or, if you feel extra adventurous, check out the Gothic aisle of your local fashion stores (they look just like the kind of shoes Count Dracula would be wearing all night long).

These shoes radiate joy, adventure, optimism, boldness, summer. I find it funny that seeing them and touching them reminds me instantly of the softness and texture of a french Rococo Chaise Lounge – which is ironic since the brand making these shoes – Hudsonshoes – is British and, unless my history fails me, the Brits and the French were at each other’s throats more often than not in those days.

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  • 1 Jahr ago

    So amazing photos and products ,with a good quality, sorry where can I shop those kind of shoes you wore ?

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