Traveling with Panasonic Nubo

Traveling with Panasonic Nubo

I am traveling quite a lot and spend a lot of time in Hotels and various events. I love what I do but it also involves a lot of stress since I am always packing/unpacking.

However, lately I have one less thing to worry about thanks to Panasonic’s new NUBO. NUBO is a HD smart surveillance camera with a stylish, robust, lightweight yet compact design. The real goodies are hidden under the hood, the main point being the 4G connectivity on top of the usual WLAN. This ensures connectivity ANYWHERE. Panasonic also offers a worldwide 4G subscription plan with cloud storage option.

Using the camera is a breeze: simply place it and let it watch for you. Any movement will trigger the camera to send an alert to the companion app for your smartphone, along with a live video feed. The camera is effective even in dark environments, thanks to its ability to film in the infrared spectrum. Unlike other surveillance cameras, NUBO also records audio and has an incorporated speaker which allows you to talk to whoever is in front of the camera.

The camera is developed for portability with a water tight design. It is also possible to attach an external battery or to plug in to a wall socket. It offers high flexibility in mounting on a variety of surfaces or shapes. When used within the European Union, there are no roaming costs linked to 4G network access.

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