Jockey Microfiber Underwear

Jockey Microfiber Underwear

I love exercising hard and looking good while at it. Therefore I invested a lot in fashionable and practical fitness clothing. However, until recently I didn’t pay as much attention to the underwear I was wearing while training. It somehow seemed „normal“ that it should feel sweaty and constantly moving in all kind of weird positions. Not anymore: enter the Sport Microfiber Active shorts from JOCKEY. The US Company has 140 years experience in designing functional underwear and for this collection they blended fashion with fitness into a high tech design that surprises visually with geometric patterns in strong colors. The material used is a blend of polyamide and elastane which allows for quick drying and enables the skin to breathe. How does it feel while in use? Well, you don’t feel much. In fact you forget you wear them – which is how I like it. I can move freely, there is no discomfort whatsoever, no chaffing and since the material dries quickly there are also far less unwanted odors.

The futuristic color rich design almost looks to good to be worn under normal clothing! Thanks to the elasticity in the material the shorts almost blend with your skin giving you incredible comfort in any situation. I – for one – never go training without them anymore. There is only one difficulty left: deciding between the classical briefs or the new trunk and boxer-trunk options.

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Jockey Underwear

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