Senseo Switch Coffee Machine

Senseo Switch Coffee Machine

SENSEO Switch: The first 2-in-1 coffee machine that can make both filter coffee and SENSEO pad coffee. The new SENSEO Switch
With the invention of the coffee-on-button printing system Senseo 2002 brought the single portion of freshly brewed coffees into the private households. Now, the SENSEO® switch is the world’s first: The SENSEO Switch is the first coffee machine with 2-in-1 brewing technology.

In addition to one (or two) delicious cup (s) SENSEO coffee (single portion), the SENSEO Switch can also be used to make a pot of filter coffee.
The new SENSEO Switch offers exactly the right coffee for convivial rounds and personal SENSEO moments.

The advantages of the SENSEO Switch at a glance:
• Unique 2-in-1 brewing technology
• Up to 7 cups of filter coffee
• Practical, high-quality stainless steel thermos
• 1 or 2 cups SENSEO Padkaffee – with typical SENSEO® Crema in less than 1 minute

The machine is very space-saving and shapely. In other words, it combines innovative technology with modern design.

SENSEO coffee world
Individual moments need individual coffee, since a variant is not enough for a long time. SENSEO offers a wide range of coffee ingredients for every taste and is inspired by a wide variety of personal situations. With a total of 16 different varieties, the right taste is guaranteed for every occasion and every preference: lovers of the classic variant can choose between Classic, Mild, Extra Mild, Strong, Extra Strong, Good Morning and the decaffeinated mixture Decaf. If you prefer the specialties, go to Café Crema, Lungo, Mokka or Espresso. And for the relaxation break between the various varieties of coffee latte, cappuccino, cappuccino caramel and the chocolate creation Cappucciono Choco prepared. The range is rounded off by ChocoBreak – the finest drinking chocolate, without coffee.
As a result, SENSEO® has the largest range of varieties in the black coffee sector and is the only supplier of a wide range of milk specialties. Quick and easy to prepare, SENSEO® makes the taste of good coffee a reality. Depending on the cultivation, variety, roasting, composition and preparation, it differs in its characteristics and offers numerous nuances – sometimes mild and balanced, sometimes strong and full facets.

Our tip: If filter coffee, then by Jacobs Coronation

Jacobs Krönung is a brand with history: this year is already celebrating its 50th birthday. The most drunk filter coffee in Germany stands for the best quality in the cup and is known for its unique pampering aroma.

SENSEO is a brand of the company JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS based in Amsterdam, which emerged in 2015 from the merger of D.E MASTERBLENDERS 1753 and the coffee department of Mondelez International. With more than 260 years of coffee experience, JACOBS DOUWE
EGBERTS today is the world’s largest pure coffee company. As a global player, the company’s brands and products can be found in more than 80 countries. In Germany, the SENSEO brand is marketed by the German organization JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS DE GmbH based in Bremen.

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