Time for a Good Night – Jockey Pyjama

Time for a Good Night – Jockey Pyjama

For a good night everything has to be right: a comfortable mattress, a cozy blanket and the right partner at the side make the dreams particularly sweet. what you need more?
The night gown of the gentlemen is already sometimes very special and the erotic factor remains gladly times on the line, if you jumps only quickly out of the pants and jump into the feathers in a comic shirt and the underpants of the day. Or is the model „Schlabber-Golf-Anzug“ next door, characterized by an undefined cut and a variety of air holes, which a man likes to call additional air-conditioning?

Experts reveal that a total of 47 percent of Germans wear a pajama while only five percent prefer the garb of love, so naked. In the T-shirt, Germans sleep about 16 percent and 15 percent choose the night shirt. Basically, 61 percent share the bed with the dearest person at the side, so sleeping alone is not announced. It is, therefore unavoidable to give a little more value to the class, material and style of the nightclothes. Just because it is comfortable was, it does not mean that it will remain so. It has to change clothes and JOCKEY has in his current NOS collection new colors and styles for fashion fans and classic lovers.

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