Mühle – Classic Razor

Mühle – Classic Razor

Some like it retro

I love classic ideas reborn in a modern way. Classic designs were refined over ages and when you merge their visual retro style with modern materials, production techniques and quality controls you get exquisite products that are not only beautiful to behold and handle but also razor sharp, durable and efficient. In this post I want to present you some wet-shaving products from Mühle.

Mühle is a German manufacturer based in Stützengrün, Saxony. It is a family owned business founded right after the Second World War and now into its third generation, with its products exported worldwide. The company is a member of the Environmental Alliance of Saxony and is committed to sustainability, therefore cooperating exclusively with suppliers who uphold the same high standards.

Here is what Mühle means to me: sharp, exquisite german quality. Wood handle? Steel handle? Smooth or rough? It’s all a matter of taste and they’re all good; personally I prefer smooth wooden handles. Three smells belong to my morning routine: the smell of coffee, that of the shaving foam and last, but certainly not least, the smell of the aftershave. I absolutely enjoy wet-shaving and with my Mühle Razor.

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Mühle Rasur

new year – same gear! #mühle #muehle

Ein von Mühle Rasurkultur (@muehle_rasurkultur) gepostetes Foto am

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