George Michael and his Songs

George Michael and his Songs

George Michael was one of the big pop stars, an icon of the 80s and 90s like the already died musicians David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, or Prince .

Some hits of George Michael

His biggest hit – published in 1984 – is a classic for Christmas. A catchy earworm, almost equal with „Silent Night.“ The video clip was filmed in the Swiss Alps. «Last Christmas, I gave you my heart.“ This is the first time I’ve ever heard of you.

The saxophone of this earworm suitable as a Schmuseong is a reminder. Released 1984, the pop ballade of guilty acts after a side jump.


The pop ballade – published in 1987 – is written by a man who wants to be a daddy-like lover, a father figure.

A song from 1987 that was part of the soundtrack of „Beverly Hills Cop II“ and whose video clip George Michael, who only came out in 1998 when he came out to the public, is half-naked as a heterosexual sex symbol.


This song, often referred to as „Freedom! ’90“, to distinguish it from a Wham! Song of the same name, is influenced by gospel and funk. The video clip looked up because George Michael does not appear in it, but super supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz or Cindy Crawford.

A gentle earworm from 1996 with Bossanova elements, which despite Jesus is less religious in the title than it seems. It is rather a love song, dedicated to the Brazilian Anselmo Feleppa, whom George loved very much and who died early on the consequences of AIDS.

Groovy song from 1996 about fast love and hot flirtation. „But if you’re looking for fastlove / If it’s in your eyes / It’s more than enough / Had some bad love / So fastlove is all that I’ve got on my mind.“

In 1987, a song with a memorable guitar sound and country elements. In terms of text, it is a matter of sticking to someone with caution and trust and not simply falling in love quickly.

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