Philippe Model – Elegance and Purity of Movement

Philippe Model – Elegance and Purity of Movement

Philippe Model Paris sneakers winter 2017 collection are elegance and purity of movement. They are not only high quality but also fashionable with class and intelegent experiments on living matter. New aesthetics made its mark in urban saturating eccentric and independent notes combined to calm feelings and vaguely nostalgic nature.

If you have these shoes on your hands, you will see the finest handmade and the high expertise throught high knowledge that they have by time. The kindness of the handmade is measured by the uncontrollable impulses of the contemporary in a search for balance between authentic and layered content, poor art and artificial languages. The collection Philippe Model Fall Winter 2016/17 intuits in the classic and subtle nuances the most intimate sense of normality to which contrast the wealth of gold and silver metal, a symbol of strong aesthetic and emotional. In both stylistic choices, the shoe moderates the exercise codes in favor of increasingly sophisticated urban geometries and sophisticated where creativity can emerge as a tangible sign.


The poignant notes of rust, the intense freshness of the green forest, the discrete consistency of mustard yellow are promoting a return to the original things in Avenir model. A shoe for day light design, offered in variants slip-on and lace-up with brushed leather, one color, and quilted leather blend and fabric made from a complex processing with needles. In this new formula of urban elegance, made of order and simplicity, Noah was born, an original shoe that keeps slim proportions and volumes but it stands in the choice of leather uppers hammered – who also serves hand-built bottom – and sole contrast, serrated, white in color.


The new running shoe Philippe Model in Bright versions offer intense color contrasts in the bronze notes, gold and silver, as well as an antithesis of elements such as inner sock-tech neoprene and elastic detail that refers to the element of the iconic fashion house. polished and laminated vibrations enhance the knowledge of the craft in the funds made entirely by hand and in the approach of increasingly complex and innovative materials.


if you are still looking for an idea for christmas present or maybe for your self, these shoes are high recommended.

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