Paisley – Best Bespoke Menswear in Hamburg

Paisley – Best Bespoke Menswear in Hamburg

Today, my team and i have a weekly meeting. in this meeting normally we will talk about what themas that we would like to do and to write. i found an idea to write about Paisley, because im wearing the jacket of Paisley and i found that they have really great quality and awesome style.


PAISLEY is a young Hamburg menswear designer, which is specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of high-quality women’s and men’s fashion. It founded in July 2013, PAISLEY has established itself as one of the most exclusive custom-makers in the city. Already, celebrities (ladies and gentlemen) from the art, film, music and fashion industry are already equipped.
Since summer 2014, the first limited men’s collection, consisting of 47 stylish collection pieces, has been on the market.

its driven by the ambition to reinterpret the classic elegance of the ladies‘ and gentlemen’s fashion with innovative designs, fashionable and extraordinary collection, PAISLEY creates fashion highlights for the everlasting and stylish appearance on every occasion. PAISLEY puts its emphasis on tight fit to emphasize the beneficial and characteristic features of the human silhouette while providing a high level of comfort for everyday life.


In terms of processing and material quality, PAISLEY relies on many years of experience and traditional craftsmanship to remain faithful to the enormously high demands of the Bespoke line. The production is therefore restricted exclusively to selected and strictly tested producers within the EU. Even with the choice of materials, PAISLEY relies on only natural products from the most well-known suppliers, which have already proven the highest quality through their traditional use.

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