Jockey Underwear Performance – available in December

Jockey Underwear Performance – available in December

R&D of Jockey Underwear is always searching new innovative for their customers and their fans. The new underwear line puts comfort and technology in advance, beside the great design.
Innovation and revolutionary stickware are not foreign words for JOCKEY. 140 years of tradition and continuous innovation speak for themselves. JOCKEY underwear reaches a new level this year and every body will be grateful. Whether you’re working hard, hiking in nature or simply enjoying a game with friends in the bar, man deserves underwear that can keep up with his lifestyle.

This new line is, The improved, moisture-absorbing material transports moisture directly from the skin to the outside of the material where it evaporates. Similar to a portable air conditioner. The well-known union with logo inscription can look more than just good. Thanks to its moisture transfer technology, it also ensures a pleasantly cool and dry feeling at the belt line.

The JOCKEY Performance Underwear is stretchable in all directions – no matter where you go, it moves with you. Pulling up and down is no longer necessary. Flat, ergonomic and elastic seams fit perfectly to body shapes. With printed transfer labels we say good-bye from the beginning of interfering fabric labels.

The light and soft material is like a second skin to the body. Whether under sportswear, skinny jeans or the favorite suit, the soft material does not roll in and does not wear. It is a masterpiece of breathable and lightweight high-tech underwear for daily use and optimal comfort.
Of course, JOCKEY also knows that self-presentation does not want to be sacrificed for comfort. The exciting and modern fashion imprints ensure a modern and self-confident appearance.
JOCKEY’s bold performance line is available from 01 December 2016 as Briefs and Boxer Trunks on so don’t miss it.
Briefs from 17,95 €.

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