Clement Gouverneur – Valuable in every aspect

Clement Gouverneur – Valuable in every aspect

Clement Gouverneur started their business in Eyewear since 1878. so they are finest eyepieces from one of the oldest french manufacturer.

Clement Gouverneur is timeless beauty. it s class and class is timeless. that is why they are bringing back original iconic masterpieces development and manufactured in the factory for the past 137 years.


if you visit the manufacture of Clement Gouverneur in France, it is like a time capsule that brings you back in 1878. the manufacturer is till situated like 137 years ago. it located in Jura, the French Capital of Eyewear. some of its machines are as old as the company – and still in use.

they uncompromise for details, from good to extraordinary. their passion for exquisite details is what brings a timeless value to their frames.


their eyewear has high value in every aspect. value the timelessness and beauty of the original masterpieces made of noble materials such as precious gold and leather. for sample the convent us model round in platinum/ old pink / pasteur straight temples.

this glasses you find here at

Bleichenbrücke 1-7
20354 Hamburg
Telefon: 040 97071987

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