take a break, it’s coffee time – Apropos Cafe – Copenhagen

take a break, it’s coffee time – Apropos Cafe – Copenhagen

Traveling is always great, showing other cities, architecture, interior, and art. for me not only that, coffee time is one of my favorite activity. during my travel in Copenhagen i found this great cafe, Apropos Cafe.

Apropos is a modern and aesthetic café located in the heart of Copenhagen. The café is situated on the century old, cobbled Halmtorv in the pleasant area near Istedgade.
During the late 1800s, Halmtorvet was made a market square for the city’s trading of straw and hay. On the two weekly market days more than a hundred loads of straw and hay were sold to feed the animals on the different farms around town. At this point animals were among the most important pulling forces in Copenhagen’s business community. Thus the name Halmtorvet (“The straw square”) derives all the way back from when the square was used for practical matters. It was not until circa 1960 that the last animals disappeared from the characteristic buildings on Halmtorvet.

Just before the year 2000 the entire area underwent an urban renewal process, which transformed the square into a peaceful and mundane place. It became the charming Halmtorv, which is known today for it’s unique and evocative street environment.

so if you are visiting Copenhagen, you should visit this cafe.

Halmtorvet 12, 1700 København V
33 23 12 21

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