Unboxing Qlippie World

Unboxing Qlippie World

today i would like introduce you my new mini camera for traveling or just hang out with some friends.

what is Qlippie exactly?
Qlippie Live is your every-day companion that captures and instantly can share your favorite moments in life with photos, videos, and live streaming via your favorite social media networks. Portable, fun, and stylish, you clip your Qlippie Live onto your outfit and record your life on the go.

how does it work? are you guys curious? stay tuned for next posts. i will show what benefit would you get and i will show you how it works.

for early bird price, you can click here, its temporial only.

more information please click here http://bit.ly/Qlippie

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One thought on “Unboxing Qlippie World”

  • 2 Jahren ago

    That tripod you got there can you make it higher or not ? ūüôā

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