OtterBox Symmetry Street in Paris

OtterBox Symmetry Street in Paris

The Famous street artists Raphael Fédérici will spend the weekend designing a unique fresco on a wall of of Otterbox phone cases in a popular Paris cultural hub.


in this event, i met so great blogger from germany. it was so nice that we are meeting in the same event in Paris. ‚Le Pavillondes Canaux‘. Located in the heart of Paris where the public naturally relax, they can enjoy the artists work


Le Pavillon des Canaux, it is in the same time : a coffee shop, a friendly place where we can (for real) work together and meet new internet users, and the neighborhood.


Here, we learn new ways to share, to stay informed, to consume and towork. We discuss the latest film in vogue or last TED conference, Google breaking news or last push of Le Monde,


No matter if we argue about politics or the latest episode of Orange is the new black.
As long as we share around a good latte , our opinions and desires.

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