Altes Mädchen

Altes Mädchen

yesterday, Klaudia and i went to a cafe and restaurant in Sternschanze, Hamburg. Sternschanze is one most visited or hotsport for young and dynamic people like us. This area has so many cafes and restaurants, one of best cafe and restaurant is Altes Mädchen.


if you are looking for a place to take your loved ones out for dinner? Are you in the mood for convivial evenings by the fire place? Thick sandwiches with organic bread from their wooden oven served with heavenly Craft Beer is right up your alley? this cafe and restaurant is the perfect for choice and best place for these.


They do not serve one heavenly Craft Beer – they do serve about 60 different Craft beers from around the world aside from their Ratsherrn brews.


They travelled to South Africa, Italy, Scandinavia, the United States, went to the Franconian region and Berlin, and have tested many – and they are talking about very many – beers. they brought back the best brews for you. Because they love them. But fear not, they are not the kind of “fancy wine served by penguins in suits” kind of place. On the contrary, they are actually pretty laid back.


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